Personal loan: the credit you need for all your projects.

Want to carry out a project? Whether you want to do work in your home, buy a new car, prepare for a wedding, or go on a trip, the personal loan can help you finance all these projects. Borrowing gives you advice to make your projects a reality with this type of financing.

What is a personal loan?

What is a personal loan?

The personal loan is simply a form of consumer credit. Its operation differs from other consumer loans, however, such as restricted credit, rental with option to purchase (LOA) or revolving credit.

The personal loan offers great flexibility compared to other credits that are linked to the good or service they finance. Except for revolving credit which is a reserve of money available to the borrower. With a personal loan, you do not have to justify the use of funds and can realize several projects at the same time. The establishment lends you the requested amount, which you receive on your account and which you can spend as you see fit: household appliances, work, car, leisure, etc. However, the amount cannot exceed 75,000 USD.

Calculate the overall amount you need

Calculate the overall amount you need

It is also advisable to take out only one consumer loan rather than multiplying them. If you have several projects, remember to calculate the total amount you think you will need and then request this amount from the bank.

Several consumer loans, this indeed means several monthly payments and different rates and / or borrower insurance contributions. Not easy to find your way around at the end of the month.

Personal loans represent an important part in the production of consumer loans

Personal loans represent an important part in the production of consumer loans

This consumer credit represented nearly 7 billion USD of production in the first half of 2017, according to the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF). This amount even represents an increase of + 3.3% compared to the same period last year.

Personal loan is also the type of credit whose production is the highest (against 4.9 billion USD for assigned credit, 4.8 billion for revolving credit and 3.4 billion for LOA).

The comparison of personal loans: is an essential step

The comparison of personal loans: is an essential step

To obtain the most favorable conditions for your personal loan, do not hesitate to call on a credit broker such as Good Bank. Thanks to its personal loan comparator you can get the best rate for your loan.

How a bridging loan helps in an uncomplicated way – Car Loan

A bridging loan is defined as a loan that is used to cover a temporary need for money. As such, it differs from classic installment loans that exist over longer periods of time or interim loans that generally have even shorter terms than a bridging loan.

Each of these forms of credit has its specific advantages and disadvantages. When which loan is the most suitable for you depends largely on the situation. Because for longer terms with payment of income, the interest on classic installment loans is cheaper and the repayment is staggered. But they are not always worthwhile,


When a bridging loan is worthwhile for you

bridging loan is worthwhile for you

Financial obligations that arise during operation are not easy to meet at all times. They can become a challenge, for example, if the existing capital is fixed, incoming payments are expected but do not arrive or high short-term payment obligations arise.

If you have to cover your short-term capital requirements, a bridging loan is suitable for you. Because compared to longer installment loans, short-term bridging loans can be applied for relatively quickly.

The clear advantage of bridging loans is the short term of a few weeks to a few months, which eliminate long-term commitments. The temporary money needed to bridge the short-term liquidity bottleneck is covered and ongoing operations can continue as usual.

The characteristics and advantages that characterize the bridging loan are briefly summarized as follows:

  • Loan for bridging liquidity shortages in the short term
  • Comparatively short term (a few weeks to a few months)
  • Less formalities


Bridging loan through mortgage lending

mortgage lending

Bridging loans must be applied for again each time. This process can be nerve-wracking, especially since you are already under pressure. In this respect, alternatives to traditional financial institutions can be helpful.

Here, for example, there is the possibility of mortgaging a pledge with the pledge loan. A mortgage loan has several advantages over classic loans. Some of the strengths of a mortgage are:

  • Short-term loan possible
  • Fast, uncomplicated and discreet
  • No debt trap
  • Only briefly charges the budget with the payments for the fees incurred
  • No ZEK / Schufa information required and no entries
  • Score at ZEK / Schufa remains unchanged

Various movable items can be lent in pawn shops. The higher the value of the deposit, the higher the approved amount.

Normally, the pawnshops specialize in special items to keep the risk for everyone involved as low as possible. For example, the car pawnshop. Here you can exchange your vehicle directly for cash and redeem it when you have the money available again in liquid form.

The following is a description of how you can do this in a pocket.


Your way to a car mortgage loan

car mortgage loan

Be creative when it comes to mortgaging a pledge. Many simply forget the possibility of being able to exchange their vehicles for money over a certain period of time, although a car deposit loan is a good alternative to a bridging loan.

In many cases, vehicles have the required high value and are also unnecessary for a limited period of time. Especially in winter, many vehicles are downright garage keepers, such as motorcycles, caravans and convertibles. You can now make these directly into cash.


1. Lend vehicle

car credit

To do this, you can contact the car pawnshop in advance and specify the vehicle type, the age and the mileage of the car. On the basis of the above-mentioned data, we create a possible non-binding loan amount.

As soon as you bring your vehicle to us, our experts will check its condition and calculate the final maximum loan amount. Depending on the vehicle, this is up to 60% of the vehicle value. After mutual signing of the pawn ticket, you will receive the money easily transferred or paid in cash directly on site.


2. Make important agreements

loan agreements

For a successful bridging loan by loaning the vehicle, the framework conditions and contract details must be negotiated. These are very important in order to make the auto deposit loan a success.

This includes, for example, security for both parties. To ensure this, the car pawnshop insures your vehicle over the loan period and places it in a garage to protect it against any damage.

Another security aspect is discretion. Since you leave us your vehicle as security, this form of bridging loan does not require ZEK or Schufa information. Neither your bank, your employer or anyone else learns about the loan from us.

The last security aspect concerns the identification of you and the vehicle in the form of a vehicle ID card, service booklet and all available keys, which are handed over to the car pawnshop over the credit period.


3. Deposit and end of contract

credit loan

If all the votes have been taken and the pawn ticket has been signed, you will receive the loan. As soon as the money is available to you again, you can contact the car pawnshop again and redeem your deposit.

In this respect, the pledge is an attractive alternative to a classic bridging loan. Because it combines the advantages of the bridging loan such as flexibility with the advantages of the mortgage loan such as discretion and financial security. You are welcome to get further information from the car pawnshop and contact us today.

Apply for a loan from Switzerland


Every consumer can apply for a loan from Switzerland and concentrate here on the offers of the free financial market. Private lenders and Swiss banks offer special loans for consumers with poor credit ratings or debts.

An important note is the aspect that the Credit Bureau, as it is known in this country, does not exist in Switzerland. If you want to apply for a loan from Switzerland, you do not have to provide any Credit Bureau information and therefore have the same chance with a debt, with low income or unemployment, during parental leave or as a low-wage earner, as a consumer who has a high credit rating and protection without problems can provide.

Apply for credit benefits from Switzerland

Apply for credit benefits from Switzerland

Since the conditions for a loan in Switzerland are not as strict as in Germany, no one has to fear a refusal. Here it is unimportant whether you choose a private lender or a state bank and which options you can provide for protection. Real assets and possessions, savings plans and monetary values, as well as capital-forming insurance are accepted by the lender. Anyone who prefers a guarantee or wants to secure a co-applicant can also consider this and name the guarantor or second applicant directly in his application form. Further advantages can be seen in the low interest rate and the flexible framework.

In order to recognize the best loan for yourself and attach great importance to the flexibility in the term, a free comparison is optimal and excludes overly expensive or inflexible offers. During the term, various problems can affect the repayment and make it necessary to defer, reduce the rates or otherwise change the repayment. With flexible loans, this can be arranged without any additional costs or even refusal on the part of the lender and the monthly repayment can be adjusted to suit your financial options. Flexible repayment is also required earlier than contractually agreed total repayment or special payments. Anyone who claims the advantages and wants to take advantage of a low interest rate can apply for a loan from Switzerland.

Make comparisons correctly

Make comparisons correctly

When applying for a loan from Switzerland, a favorable interest rate is already in the spotlight without comparison. However, low interest rates are the only criterion for a lender’s decision. If you only concentrate on this, you could face insoluble problems within the term and favor that the collateral deposited is available to the lender due to lower payments or the impossibility of repaying the amount requested. For this reason, the basis for applying for a loan from Switzerland should be the comparison of different offers and based on different factors. The contractual terms and conditions play an equally important part in the attractiveness of loans and should therefore also find the same attention in a comparison online.

Each lender specifies their requirements and contractual terms individually, so that there are enormous differences in fees and flexibility in the free financial market. Only if a loan as a whole is cheap and shows itself to be a flexible solution, will the applicant be as satisfied in the term as at the time when he decided on the loan. When applying for a loan from Switzerland, you don’t have to compromise and can use the diversity as a positive aspect by making a comparison based on your personal requirements and all important criteria.

An urgent loan is required

An urgent loan is required

If a waiting period is excluded and the transfer should be made immediately, you can apply for a cheap loan from Switzerland on the free financial market. The short processing time makes patience an unnecessary factor. The lender will notify the borrower within 24 hours whether his application has been granted. Since the approval is no problem, the borrower can count on a secure commitment and immediate transfer of the sum afterwards.

It is important for this that the application contains accepted collateral in an appealing amount and thus gives the lender reason for approval. The quick processing also results from the aspect that a personal appointment to speak to the lender is not necessary. A Swiss loan is not linked to a trip to Switzerland and can be applied for quickly, reliably and without complications using a form on the Internet and obtained very quickly.

Mortgage renegotiation simulator, consumer loan calculation

A professional repurchase of real estate credit better rate a secured approach credit can be a setting up of to face the hazards of life. note that the accuracy of the calculation times on the account set up without any proof, namely a purchase contract or delivery slip.

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Repurchase of credit

Solutis repurchase of credit

Calculate your homeowner’s general loan borrowing information before divorcing back up to changing mortgage insurance. You have a consumer credit time to offer you a loan and know the low renegotiation credit value.

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Credit for urgent banking ban

Credit for urgent banking ban

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Calculated ready to use

Calculated ready to use

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Credit buyback for debtor service operation 

Credit buyback for debtor service operation 

I have a small bonus question to properly validate your motorcycle credit abilities from December civil and commercial collective procedures. Here are some tips for personal mortgage loan restructuring of proposed debt overhangs to my business.

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Real Estate Loan Redemption Calculator

Real Estate Loan Redemption Calculator

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What is a revolving loan?

There are many credit products on the market. One of them is a revolving loan, which is suitable for entrepreneurs or smaller companies, but it is also important for private individuals. This is a kind of short-term consumer loan that can be re-started without the need to conclude a new contract if specific conditions are met. What parameters does a regular revolving loan have and who offers it?

Revolving credit can be seen as a certain financial reserve. At the moment, it is possible to draw all or part of the loan. If there is currently no need for a financial injection, the loan will not be drawn and no monthly installments will be paid.

The loan repayment is most often in the form of regular monthly installments. However, some revolving credit providers also allow for a one-off repayment of the entire loan, without any charge or penalty. Revolving credit typically involves setting a minimum repayment that depends on the overall credit line.

Usual parameters of revolving loan

Usual parameters of revolving loan

The principle of a revolving loan is primarily that it is not necessary to constantly sign new and new contracts. It is sufficient that the client repays the agreed part of the outstanding amount and can borrow again under the same conditions, up to the agreed credit line. Without unnecessary approval process, therefore without delay.

The interest they pay in connection with a revolving loan is not one of the lowest in the market, but is definitely lower than that of various quick or micro loans. Moreover, of course, interest is charged only on the amount drawn, not on the entire pre-approved limit.

A revolving loan can serve as a financial reserve, which is always available for unexpected expenses.

Very often, a revolving loan is confused with an overdraft, but both financial products are different. First of all, the overdraft is provided for a non-purpose purpose, while the revolving loan is purpose-built.

A revolving loan is not tightly linked to a specific bank account. The spent money can be used, for example, as financial assistance to pay, quick credit for the purchase of a broken mobile phone, computer or other electronics and for other unexpected expenses. Usually, a revolving loan is provided in the tens of thousands of crowns.

Entrepreneurs most often use revolving credit to bridge the period between invoicing and maturity of receivables. Very often, however, companies also negotiate it as an operating loan, thanks to which they can make purchases of supplies and materials even at a time when they are not doing business.

The advantages of a revolving loan are already clear from the above description. But what are the disadvantages? Probably the most frequently mentioned in this context are very high credit management fees and high penalties in case of late payment. A revolving loan is a practical case where the value of the interest rate is not as significant as above APR.

Providers of revolving credit

Providers of revolving credit

What is a revolving loan has already been written. But who offers it? These are both banking and non-banking institutions. The latter provider offers a non-purpose revolving loan.

Very often, a revolving loan is associated with the offer of a credit card, which makes it possible to pay directly from the withdrawn money to the merchant. The funds can be drawn in addition to the purchase by cash withdrawal or transfer to another account.

Credit from the Internet

Using the loan from the Internet means enjoying an important facet of Banking 2.0 for yourself. On the Internet, credit customers have advantages that they could only dream of at local banks. In terms of convenience and customer orientation, the online banks have long been the rear lights of local competition. Anyone who does not yet conduct their credit transactions on the Internet waives many advantages and low interest rates. see for further notes

Why is the internet loan so cheap?

Why is the internet loan so cheap?

Banking 2.0 stands for the realization of customer requests in banking. To this end, the possibilities of using the Internet will continue to be massively expanded. A lot of things are already possible today, but we are still working on ways to improve them. One of the first goals was to always make the cheapest loan easy to find online. Loan calculators take over the otherwise time-consuming research. They search through the offers of all registered lenders. The user of a credit comparison benefits from the compressed and well-sorted information.

The cheapest loan from the Internet is no longer an insider tip. A few keywords make it easy to find. In addition to the high cost efficiency of operating an online credit house, the competitive pressure also has an impact on interest rates. Of course, every provider wants to offer the cheapest loan and thus do business. But today, it is only possible to lure borrowers with low interest rates. The service has to be first class, despite cheap offers.

Service desert Germany – the oasis online credit bank

Service desert Germany - the oasis online credit bank

Germany is often compared to a service desert. If the comparison is correct, then credit from the Internet is the saving oasis. The online banks score particularly well with the variety of information. The FAQ’s provide the professional answer to any question about credit around the clock. When it comes to a personal query that cannot be satisfied with an FAQ answer, the phone is enough. Most large online providers have set up a service hotline at the local tariff.

In order to check the personal availability of a loan offer, no one has to call. Simply use the online loan application and check the eligibility yourself. A special program evaluates the application and checks the eligibility according to the same guidelines as the human clerk.

If an application can be approved, the preliminary loan approval appears in real time on the screen. Of course, the exam is free of charge and the online application does not require anything. A legally binding application can only be made in writing by post.

Disbursement of the loan

Disbursement of the loan

Not everyone who applies for a loan is equally in a hurry with availability. The loan from the Internet is therefore available in different payment speeds. Express and lightning loans promise a particularly fast procedure. The instant loan is quick, but without additional costs. An ordinary online loan, with an average payment speed of five to eight working days, is the most comfortable option.

Loans without Credit Bureau information

In Germany, in connection with taking out a loan, it is essential that the person’s Credit Bureau is obtained and assessed before the loan is approved. If the loan is concluded, the loan that has been paid out is then reported by the bank that is the contractual partner of Credit Bureau.

If borrowers fail to meet their payment obligations and the bank has to terminate the loan prematurely, a notification is also sent to Credit Bureau, as well as in the case of seized checking accounts, issued payment orders or misuse of credit cards. These negative entries mean that the person concerned is no longer creditworthy.

Loans without Credit Bureau information as a last resort

Loans without Credit Bureau information as a last resort

This is one reason why loans without Credit Bureau query are in demand. The only problem is, they don’t exist in Germany. Even at Lite Lender, where private investors lend money to loan seekers, there is an intermediary bank that checks the Credit Bureau of those who want to borrow money. That has to be the case, because the investors at Lite Lender want to earn from the interest.

Loans without Credit Bureau information can be obtained from credit intermediaries. They have enough to do with inquiries from people who want loans despite negative Credit Bureau entries. But it is still not so easy to get such a loan because it is not for everyone. Loans without Credit Bureau information are aimed at people who receive a regular income from a permanent position, ideally an official position. Loans without any Credit Bureau information are not available for the unemployed, recipients or housewives. Even for pensioners who actually have a secure income from their pension, there are narrow limits with regard to age.

No chance for the unemployed 

No chance for the unemployed and Hartz 4 recipients

Even if the advertising promises something different to some credit intermediaries or is advertised with slogans, we also help in particularly difficult cases. These are usually just empty promises. Dubious credit brokers want to sell everything but no loan without Credit Bureau information to people who have no credit rating. Therefore, the alarm bells should always go off, especially if a credit broker charges advance costs before a loan is even made.